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Roofing Cork

repairing a roof in Cork

Roofing Contractors in Cork

Looking for a local roofing expert in the Cork area?  Find out more information about roofing services and check out our roofing cost guide that will help you both find the best roofer in Cork and also find out the estimated cost for different roofing services in both Cork City & County

Common repairs carried out by most roofing contractors are: slate repairs, tile and flat roof repairs, gutter cleaning and repairs, fascia and soffit repairs along with chimney repairs.  Roofing services in Cork are not limited to these services, all roofing repairs including metal and fibreglass roofing are also included but may not be provided by some roofing contractors in Cork.

The Problem:

Finding local trustworthy and reliable roofers in Cork can be difficult if you don't know anyone specifically and have not used one locally before, Irish house can go for year without need a repair job done, and as a result you may not know one specifically..

The Solution: is here to help you find a reliable local roofing specialist that can provide you with a number of estimates / quotes so you can compare and contrast the different providers and choose the best provider for you.  This is a free service to you and we put local experts in touch with you today.  To get started go here.  


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Roofing Repairs Cork

Ways To Find Roofing Repair Contractors in Cork

Internet Search using and you can search for recommend roofers in Cork.  Remember google will also show you the local map listings that can help you find local addresses of nearby roofing companies.

Local Directories if you search online for local directors such as this one or others such as they can be useful in finding other listings of local businesses that can give you their contract information.

Supply Stores supply providers such as local hardware stores or builder providers can be very helpful and getting some of the best tradesmen in Cork  The local supply stores will have a good idea of what companies are very busy and those that are very reliable for you to get in touch with.  If you give them a call, they are usually only too happy to help.

Online Reviews if you google recommended roofing in Cork, you should be able to see a list of highly recommended sites with good reviews that you can get in touch with for quotes.

Social Platforms and Friends by checking with other social media platforms such as facebook etc. you can often hear from local neighbours and friends about which firms they have used and it can be good source of information.

Carry out Checks on Roofing Contractors before you make a choice.  Ask for insurance and business details, look for reviews on previous work, Are they based locally so you can follow up if there are any problems etc, do as many checks as you need to have reassurance.

Finding The Best Roofing Contractors in Cork (Tips) 

This can be a difficult question to answer without being bias and one can alway debate as to which company is best to serve your needs but the following are some things to consider before your decide as to what company is best for you and your project:

  • Overall experience and the roofers experience in dealing with your specific job, some companies are specialised such as flat roofing, others can do all types of projects, you will need to check whats best for you and the job you need done.
  • Qualifications and certification on being able to do the work required.  Make sure the company has the relevant experience and have completed other work in your local area.
  • Company reputation and overall credibility to stand behind the work to be done and guaranteed offered.  What guarantees are offered and will they come back if there is any issues with the work.
  • Reliability and credibility of individuals or business, some people are more reliable than others but look for signs of reliance and consistency when asking questions and the answers and evidence given.
  •  Insurance and work guarantees offered for project, some repairs are covered under insurance but this is usually repairs and damage caused by unforeseen circumstances such as storms and damage caused by heavy rain etc.
  • If you can speak to previous people who got work done by the contractor, this will put your mind at ease with regard to reliability.  
  • Local Contractor - choose a local contractor who is based in the city or county that you can get in touch with easily if you need to call them back

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Roof Repair Costs Cork

A difficult question to answer unless we try and narrow the focus of repairs so we can give you an expected price range for that job, every job is different and has different conditions attached to it which is why exact prices are different for everyone but there are broad averages you can expect.

Factors That Impact The Cost of Roofing Estimates

First of all what are the conditions that make pricing a roofing repair job so varied for each job.  Well the following is a list of factors that a contractor will take into consideration:

  • How extensive the damages are?  For example, a loose tile that has become misplaced in the last few hours will have little damage done but the same tile or slate that has become misplaced and been leaking for a few weeks can have more associated damages and require more work.
  • Difficulty of access?  Is it easy for the workers to get to the roof and are they any obstacles that may make the job more difficult and time consuming? How high is the roof to get to, will it require ladders or will it need hired height to access.
  • Water damage and Dampness.  A lot of water damage over a course of time will increase the costs for example you may need to replace the insulation and roof board in extreme cases for bad leaks or replace timbers where wetness has become more extensive.
  • Cost of Roofing Materials, Depending on your roof type, such as natural finish products will be more expensive than composite materials etc.
  • Level of complication of work.  How complex is the job to be done, is it a leak in a valley where you will need to replace the valley or is it just misplaced tiles etc.

Average Cost Of Small Roofing Repairs in Cork

The cost of small roof repair

The Average Amount of Money Spent On A Small Roofing Repair Job


A small roof repair job such as a misplaced tile or slate, in this case this is a small job that requires little additional effort assuming it has only recently been misplaced.  The average cost you can expect to pay for this will range from about €80 to about €250 depending on where you are and who you get to do the job for you.  Expect to pay around an average of €150.  Cities like Dublin and Cork may charge you a little more.  


Most roofing repair jobs on average will range from between €200 to about €1200 and expect an average of €700 for most smaller type roof repair jobs.

Gutters Repairs Cork

Gutters are the rain shoots and downpipes attached to your Fascia & Soffit directly underneath the end lip of your roof. 

Their specific purpose is to direct water and rainfall away from the roof and down to ground level where it can be directed into drains and soak-ways.  Without this, water will start building at the end of your roof and start causing other damage or alternatively non-directed rainfall builds and causes rot and dampness in the long run. 

How Long Do Gutters Last?

You can expect properly installed gutters to last at-least 25 years depending on what you install, how well it's installed and how exposed your property is to weather.  Harder weather conditions can shorten its lifespan but you should still expect this approximate timeframe.

Guttering, Fascia & Soffits Explained

All guttering work which includes Fascia, Soffits, gutters & Down-pipes are the common types of language used to describe the work with regard to Guttering in general.  This describes the different parts of the roof that need attention.  To simplify it, all guttering is the part of the roof that carries the water off the roof and down into the drains in order to move the rain away from the roof as quickly and cleanly as possible so you roof stays dry and undamaged.  Thats the primary purpose of gutters.   

Fascia is the fascia board that is facing you (make its easy to remember) and the Soffit Board is the other board that is underneath the fascia board, the soffit board is facing the ground where as the fascia board is facing outwards.  The dry-verge is the covers that cover the gap between the fascia board and the roof tiles or slates.  See above.  The downpipes are the pipes running down the wall of the house taking water from the roof to the ground drainage.  

Gutter Costs 

Gutter Service Cost In Cork

The costs of guttering will vary depending on where you live and what you need to get done, the following are averages what to expect.  

Fascia Soffit & Gutter Replacment Costs 

(Prices Based in 3/4 Bed Semi)

The cost of fascia and soffit replacement in Cork

The Average Cost of Fascia, Soffit & Gutter Replacment on a 3/4 Bed Semi

  • Full Gutter Fascia & Soffit Installs, expect to pay between €800 - €1200 for most 3 and 4 bedroom homes, larger homes will cost a little more but around €1000 is a good average to expect.
  • Gutter repairs small leaks and replacements expect to pay between €200 - €500 depending on what you need to get done and how much replacement parts are required.  An average of around €300 for most gutter repairs.  
  • Gutter Cleaning will cost you between €80-€300 depending on size of property, access and height of the house. 

Fascia Soffits Cost Cork

The cost of fascia and soffit replacement is usually included in the cost of your gutters so see gutter costs above to get an approximate average of what to expect.  You can assume when you need to get your gutters replaced you will in most cases need to get gutters, downpipes, fascia and soffits replaced at the same time and the costs above for gutters is an inclusive average.  Most Irish homes will cost between €800 and €1200 for three and four bedroom semi detached homes. 

Larger detached homes can cost a little more.  Assume an average cost of €1000.  Larger detached bungalows can be up to €1500 for a full replacement of gutters, fascia and soffits and downpipes. Get a free quote here from local roofers.

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